Promote your research around Australia!

The 2017 ANFF Casebook is under construction and we’d love you to contribute! The ANFF Casebook is shared with researchers, investors, industry and government policy-makers around Australia. If you have a research project that you would like to have highlighted in this year’s edition, simply submit your case study. Make sure you include a statement about … Read more “Promote your research around Australia!”

ANFF-Q Spring Newsletter

The ANFF-Q Spring Newsletter is here! In this issue: – New Raith E-Line Plus EBL – $1000 short term ANFF visit grants – ANFF 10th Anniversary Research Showcase – Advances in wafer processing available at ANFF-Q – and more  

International Symposium on Stem Cell Ageing and Regenerative Engineering

This free symposium is part of the ICBNI and will bring together world-leading scientists from Europe, US and Australia to showcase current and future stem cell and regenerative medicine research. The keynote speaker will be Prof Gerald de Haan, Research Director of the European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing, The Netherlands. The symposium is hosted by UQ-StemCARE, … Read more “International Symposium on Stem Cell Ageing and Regenerative Engineering”

Process, not practice, makes perfect for manufacturing innovators

Dr Jane Fitzpatrick, Facility Manager at ANFF-Q, talks to The Brisbane Report about the challenges of innovation in advanced manufacturing: “the ideation and iteration processes around advanced manufacturing have changed dramatically and no longer is it viable for researchers, established companies or first-time entrepreneurs to spend months, years or longer to try to perfect their … Read more “Process, not practice, makes perfect for manufacturing innovators”

2017 International Conference on BioNano Innovation, 24–27 September

ANFF-Q is a proud sponsor of the 2017 International Conference on BioNano Innovation (ICBNI 2017). The conference will present the latest advances in the most exciting and commercially-promising area of science and engineering, i.e. the interface between the biological and physical sciences at the nanoscale. Science and technology at the bio–nano interface is delivering not only … Read more “2017 International Conference on BioNano Innovation, 24–27 September”

Seminar on Zeta potential and the measurement of surface charge

Come along to this free seminar and learn about how surface charge relates to your research. Zeta potential is important for understanding the behaviour of solid materials in many technical processes where aqueous systems play a role, e.g. membranes for water treatment, biomaterials in contact with blood or wet processing of semiconductor wafers. Ashish Kumar … Read more “Seminar on Zeta potential and the measurement of surface charge”

Webinar – New nano-fabrication technology opens up new research possibilities

This free webinar will demonstrate the unique capabilities of Nanofrazor thermal Scanning Probe Lithography technology for quick and easy fabrication of high resolution nanopatterns and devices that were not previously possible. It will also include a real-time nano-fabrication demonstration. Webinar Details Date: Thursday August 17 Time: 3pm Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane 2.30pm Adelaide 1pm Perth … Read more “Webinar – New nano-fabrication technology opens up new research possibilities”

NanoS-E3 International School and Workshop on Nanotechnology

The rapidly emerging areas of nanoscale science and technology are focused on the design, fabrication, and characterisation of functional objects having dimensions at the nanometer length scale. New advances in this field are expected to have long-range implications in a wide variety of different scientific and engineering disciplines. Following the successful Nanostructures for Sensors, Electronics, … Read more “NanoS-E3 International School and Workshop on Nanotechnology”

Nano- And Micro-Engineering Winter School 17-19 July 2017

ANFF-NSW will be hosting a Nano- and Micro-Engineering Winter School from 17-19 July 2017. The program features research presentations across a wide range of disciplines, seminars on nano- and micro-fabrication techniques as well as lab-based demonstrations and practical sessions. Full program details are available

ANFF-Q Winter Newsletter 2017

Check out the new-look ANFF-Q newsletter! In this issue: – ARC Linkage success – Changes to the Raman lab – $200 reward for ANFF-Q users – Key tips for US AFOSR funding applications – and more