Peak Performance with Atomic Force Microscopy

This workshop caters to the continuously growing demand of researchers, confronted with new materials and research topics, for complex nano-surface analysis. The workshop will cover: Basic theoretical concept of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and its measuring principle Key steps on your way to peak performance Applications of AFM such as material sciences, life sciences, polymers, … Read more “Peak Performance with Atomic Force Microscopy”

Technical Seminar: Chemical Vapour Deposition

Dielectric layers such as silicon oxide (SiOx) and silicon nitride (SiNx) play an important role in the semiconductor industry. Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) is a popular technology for depositing dielectrics, particularly plasma-enhanced CVD (PECVD). PECVD is economically viable with high deposition rate (tens of nm min−1) and is very attractive for compound semiconductors as it is possible to obtain … Read more “Technical Seminar: Chemical Vapour Deposition”

Wire & Die Bonding Technical Seminar

Wire bonders are used in the development, fabrication and packaging of microchips and other seminconductor devices. Wire bonding is generally considered the most cost-effective and flexible interconnect technology and is used to assemble the vast majority of semiconductor packages. This seminar will include: an introduction to wire bonding, where wire bonding is used, wire bonding methods, current … Read more “Wire & Die Bonding Technical Seminar”

High Performance Liquid Chromatography Seminar

Join us at ANFF-Q to hear from one of Merck’s chromatography experts to learn how we can help advance your High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) method. The seminar will cover HPLC method development for both small and large molecules. Make sure you register, so we have enough morning tea for everyone. Date: Wednesday, 17 October … Read more “High Performance Liquid Chromatography Seminar”

Frontiers in microscopy & microanalysis

Supporting Materials Research to Manufacture the Future Join us for a seminar that will answer how microscopy can be used to unlock your research potential. The presentations will include presentations from Zeiss, Raith and Witec on multimodal and multiscale electron and light microscopy, as well as new frontiers in correlative techniques. Utilise microscopy to enhance … Read more “Frontiers in microscopy & microanalysis”

Life Sciences Professional Development Event — Shameless Self Promotion

Just because you work hard does not mean that you will attain awards.  Rather than waiting for it to happen, it is important to have a strategy to promote yourself and “put yourself out there”.  Develop your 1 minute pitch and present yourself effectively for awards, grants and promotions. This workshop will look at: Asking … Read more “Life Sciences Professional Development Event — Shameless Self Promotion”

Free training on electron- and laser-beam lithography software

The Research & Prototype Foundry at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub is hosting a free training seminar from GenISys on BEAMER software. The training will be held 28–29 March 2018. BEAMER software enables highly powerful processing of large and complex layout data. This training is aimed at those with EBL experience and those who expect to become frequent … Read more “Free training on electron- and laser-beam lithography software”

Seminar on Zeta potential and the measurement of surface charge

Come along to this free seminar and learn about how surface charge relates to your research. Zeta potential is important for understanding the behaviour of solid materials in many technical processes where aqueous systems play a role, e.g. membranes for water treatment, biomaterials in contact with blood or wet processing of semiconductor wafers. Ashish Kumar … Read more “Seminar on Zeta potential and the measurement of surface charge”

Life Sciences Professional Development Event – Communicate your Impact in the Real World

Come along to this Women in Technology event and learn how to authentically promote yourself and your science using mainstream and social media. This event is open to everyone, both men and women, in the life sciences community interested in promoting their science in the real world. The event will be followed by drinks, canapes … Read more “Life Sciences Professional Development Event – Communicate your Impact in the Real World”