Dr Zahra Faraji Rad

Professional Officer

Email: zahra.farajirad@uq.edu.au

Phone: 07 3346 3429

Dr Zahra Faraji Rad obtained her PhD from the Universities of New South Wales and Birmingham (UK) in 2015 as the first and the only joint PhD candidate under U21 joint PhD program in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering. She worked on the fabrication of microneedles for subcutaneous fluid sampling and drug delivery during her PhD and as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of New South Wales (2015–2016). Zahra has international experience in several important areas related to mechanical and biomedical engineering design and fabrication. She has vast knowledge of microfabrication equipment like 3D printing, 3D laser lithography, DRIE, RIE, lithography, soft and hot embossing, injection moulding, and measurement techniques, and statistical and analytic skills.