What we do

ANFF-Q gives you access to the tools to solve your problems.

Cutting-edge research requires access to state-of-the-art instruments and facilities. Most individual research groups cannot afford to purchase these instruments and so are limited in what they can achieve in-house. This is particularly the case when a specialty instrument might only be used for a single project or only be needed for a small amount of time; it can be hard to justify expenditure on an instrument which may only get a few hours of use. Process development and optimisation times on new instruments and processes can also be very costly in terms of hours lost.

ANFF-Q solves these problems by providing fabrication process trains and suites of imaging and characterisation equipment along with training and expert support staff all of which you can access on an hourly basis.

You can:

  • use ANFF-Q facilities to investigate your idea and generate pilot data without having to invest heavily in a project before it is proven to be valuable.
  • up-skill your research team, improving their theoretical knowledge and practical skills through training on ANFF-Q instruments and modelling and design software.
  • spend minimal time on optimisation thanks to support from our expert Professional Officers who perform process development on all of our instruments and can provide guidance to your research team.

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