ANFF-Q is an open access facility, welcoming students and staff from research institutions and industry clients from around the world. Since opening in 2008, ANFF-Q has assisted an average of 230 users each year, some accessing the facility just for a few hours per annum while others use the facility on a regular basis throughout a year.

There are five simple steps to access ANFF-Q. If you wish to engage an ANFF-Q staff member to perform work for you, you may only need to complete Step 1.

Information regarding our pricing can be found on the Pricing page.

Step 1: Submit a contact form

We offer all new ANFF-Q clients a free consultation to assess project feasibility and to plan the processes and training which their project will require. The consultation is confidential and obligation-free.

To prepare for this consultation, please complete the Enquiry Form The ANFF-Q staff will use the information to determine the best team member to respond, so please include a brief description of your project. A member of the ANFF-Q staff will respond within two working days to arrange a consultation.

Step 2: Enjoy a consultation

An ANFF-Q Professional Officer will contact you to book a time for your consultation. During the consultation they will help you to create a plan designed to best meet your project needs and arrange training on the required instruments.

Once the meeting is complete your ANFF-Q staff contact will request a “New Client Form” be completed to progress to the next phase.  We will use the information provided in the form to create your ANFF-Q account, so please ensure all sections are completed and the form is fully-signed before being submitted. Once completed, email a scanned copy of your form to

Step 3: Attend your inductions

As the first step in training, all new clients are required to attend the relevant ANFF-Q Site inductions. Details of the induction times for our different sites can be found on the Inductions and training page.

Step 4: Begin instrument training

Please contact the relevant ANFF-Q Professional Officers, discussed in your initial consultation, to arrange training sessions on your required instruments. If you wish to arrange training on any additional instruments, relevant contact details can be found on the Instrument list and contacts page.

Step 5: Read your risk assessments

Once you have completed your training, you will need to read the relevant risk assessments before you will be given access to the instrument’s booking calendar in the ANFF-Q facility management database.

For our University of Queensland (UQ) Site, you will need to access the UQ risk assessment database. If you are not a UQ student or staff member, you will need to complete an Application for UQ organisational unit staff internet access so that you can access the UQ risk assessment database.

Acknowledging ANFF-Q

The ANFF access and pricing policy requires that all academic publications arising from the use of ANFF facilities acknowledge ANFF.

To reward ANFF-Q clients who correctly acknowledge ANFF-Q in publications supported by our UQ Site, we are now offering a $200 publication credit on your ANFF-Q UQ Site account for each peer-reviewed journal article published this year that acknowledges ANFF-Q.

Details on how to correctly acknowledge ANFF-Q and claim your credit can be found on the Policies and forms page.