Publicly funded researchers are eligible for ANFF-Q annual memberships. ANFF-Q annual memberships are pre-paid blocks of ANFF-Q access hours. By purchasing a pre-paid block of hours, you are able to access ANFF-Q facilities at a reduced hourly rate. There are two membership options:

  • 50 hour annual membership = $1,925.00 ($38.50/hr)
  • 100 hour annual membership = $3,300.00 ($33.00/hr)

Your ANFF-Q annual membership will expire 12 months after the month in which you first use it. So, for example, you could purchase your membership in July and not use the membership until September without any loss of time; the membership would then expire 12 months later on 30 August, at which point any remaining hours would be lost.

If you use more than the number of pre-paid hours purchased, the additional hours will be charged at the current membership’s hourly rate (e.g. $38.50 per hour). Or you can purchase a top-up which will further reduce the hourly rate. Please see the ANFF-Q pricing policy for details.

Your ANFF-Q annual membership will apply to all members of your research group.

The ANFF-Q membership covers the use of any ANFF-Q equipment. It does not include assisted access rates, consumables or delivery fees.

An additional $55 per hour will be charged on top of your membership rate for assisted access. This assisted access rate will be applied when ANFF-Q personnel perform the work with you or on your behalf. The assisted access rate will not apply when you are being trained on a new instrument.

If your assisted work involves unsupervised instrument running time, you will only be charged the assisted access rate for the time that the ANFF-Q Professional Officer is actively working on the instrument, the rest of the run time will be charged at the standard facility access rate. For example, if an ANFF-Q Professional Officer performs an 8 hour run on the Nanoscribe for you, you would only be charged the assisted access rate for the set-up and closing-down time where the Professional Officer is actively working with the instrument (e.g. assisted access for 1 hour).

ANFF-Q annual memberships are only valid for work performed at the ANFF-Q Site from which they are purchased (i.e., The University of Queensland Site or the Griffith University Site).

If you are interested in purchasing an ANFF-Q annual membership, please email

For more details on ANFF-Q annual membership eligibility, download the ANFF access and pricing policy.