ANFF-Q Access Restrictions

To ensure compliance with the 1 person per 4m2 social distancing rule, ANFF-Q has introduced a new booking process for the ANFF-Q UQ Site:

  • The facility will be split into sections.
  • Each section will have a maximum number of people allowed.
  • All instrument booking requests will need to be reviewed by the Professional Officer in charge of the relevant facility section.

You can still make your bookings using the ANFF-Q online booking database — as per usual — the booking request will automatically send an email to the relevant Professional Officer to either approve or decline your booking request based on the maximum number of people allowed in the requested facility section.

Facility Sections

The facility will be sectioned as follows:

Facility Sections

Max # of people allowed in the area

L2E AIBN – cleanroom spaces

Total of 3

Class 10,000 cleanroom:up to 3 (if other rooms are empty)
AJA RF/DC Sputterer 
Digital programmable hot plate 
Dry film laminator 
E-Beam Evaporator 
HF Etching 
HMDS Oven 
JEOL Desktop Sputterer 
KOH Tank 
Oxford RIE 
Photolithography – general and SU8 
Photolithography – high resolution with AZ resist – TARDIS 
Piranha Etching 
XeF2 Etcher 
Zeta 300 Optical profiler/Film thickness system 
Class 1000 cleanroom:1
Dektak150 Profiler 
Direct laser writer – 5micron 
EVG Hot Embosser 
Mask Aligner EVG620 
UV Light Source 
Class 1000 darkroom:1
Jeol IT-300 SEM 

L2E AIBN – PC2 lab spaces


3D printer corridor:1
3D Printer – Titan 2 
3D Printer – Ultimaker 2 
Asylum Research AFM 
NIKON Microscope 
Oxygen plasma cleaner 
Silanisation dessicator 
Spin coater (PDMS) 
Cypher corridor:1
Cypher AFM 
GPC Aqueous 
Witec Raman AFM 
Large darkroom:1
Leica SP8 confocal LSM 
Plate Reader 
Zeiss 710 Confocal LSM 
PC2 main corridor:1
ATR-FTIR Spectrometer 
Dicing Saw 
Wire Bonder – HB16 
Small darkroom:1
JPK Biological AFM 

L2E AIBN – Office area

CAD bench – L2E AIBN:1
PC CAD1 Solidworks L-Edit 
PC CAD2 L-Edit SW LinkCAD 



Whittaker Lab – L4E AIBN – room 434:1
Glovebox #1 
Glovebox #2 
Whittaker Lab – L4E AIBN – room 441:1
Mettler Toledo DSC 
Mettler Toledo TGA 
VUV VASE Ellipsometer 
Whittaker Lab – L4E AIBN – room 444:1

Long Pocket – cleanroom spaces


Open area:1
Laser Cutter – Trotec Speedy 360 
Oxidation Furnace – Long Pocket 
Vacuum Annealing Furnace 
Zeiss Microscope 
Soft lithography area:1
Oxygen plasma cleaner – Long Pocket 
Soft lithography – Long Pocket #1 
Soft lithography – Long Pocket #2 
Spin Coater (PDMS) – Long Pocket 

All COPE labs


COPE lab – L1 Parnell Building – room 110:1
B1500A Sem.Dev.Anal(rm110,Build7) 
COPE lab – L1 Parnell Building – room 121:1
B1500A Sem.Dev.Anal(rm121,Build7) 
COPE lab – L9 Chemistry Building – room 913:1
Probe Station and B1500A Analyzer(rm913-COPE) 
Solar Cell QE/IPCE/I-V measure 
COPE lab – L9 Chemistry Building – room 910:1
COPE – Chembox 
COPE – Thermal Evaporator#1 
COPE – Thermal Evaporator#2 
COPE – UV / Ozone Cleaner 
Encapsulation Glove Box 
COPE lab – L9 Chemistry Building – room 921: 1
Four-point probe – COPE 

If you notice more than the maximum number of people in any of the sections, please notify ANFF-Q staff.

AIBN cleanroom space

To help track the number of people in the combined L2 AIBN cleanroom space, we have introduced a simple card system:


When a user goes into the cleanroom they move one of the cards from the top row (Outside Cleanroom) to the bottom row (Inside Cleanroom). When they leave they move it back up. This allows us to easily track numbers currently within the entire cleanroom space.

The card system is to the left of the cleanroom entry door, above the bootie dispenser.

Lab coats

To further minimise the risk of spreading COVID 19, we are also introducing a new lab coat policy:

  • 1 lab coat per user per day
  • when hanging up your lab coat ensure it does not touch adjacent coats
  • place your used lab coat in the laundry bags provided at the end of each day 

Once again, we thank all of our users for their patience and compliance during this challenging time.

If you have any concerns or further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact ANFF-Q Management or Staff.


Anthony Christian

ANFF-Q Facility Manager