ANFF-Q clients powering the smart energy era

A collaborative team of ANFF-Q clients has developed an ultrafast and portable solar‐rechargeable battery with high efficiency, which can simultaneously harvest and store solar energy. These solar-rechargeable electric energy storage systems (SEESSs) will provide renewable power sources for smart grids, electric vehicles, portable electronics and the internet of things (IoTs).

The details of the device.

SEESSs—which can simultaneously harvest and store solar energy—are considered a promising next-generation renewable energy supply system. However, the practical application of current SEESSs is severely restricted by their limited ability to both store and deliver high power density.

A collaboration between the Wang, Shapter and Rowan Research Groups at the AIBN has resulted in the development of a new class of portable and highly efficient SEESS that uniquely integrates a perovskite solar module (PSM) and an aluminium-ion battery (AIB) directly on a bifunctional aluminum electrode without any external circuit. The results of this collaboration were published in Advanced Energy Materials. For more details on the project, take a look at the case study.