ANFF-Q COVID-19 Procedure Update

Valued ANFF-Q Users/Supervisors/Stakeholders,

The ANFF-Q has introduced some preventive methods in our facilities located on level 2 of the AIBN, to help protect our users and staff from the spread of the COVID-19 virus:

  • 1 lab coat per user per day. When hanging up your lab coat ensure it does not touch adjacent coats. Place your used lab coat in the laundry bags provided at the end of each day.
  • The communal safety glasses have been removed and all users are requested to use their own safety glasses. ANFF-Q can supply glasses for any user who has lost their own pair issued at the AIBN induction or users can request a pair from the floor manager. Users can use glasses from other lab areas.
  • All user must wear gloves in the lab area.
  • Users must wipe down the equipment they use with the Ethanol and wipes provided before starting any work.
  • Regular users of the cleanroom will be supplied with a suit and hood which they can use for 1 week. These items will be stored in a zip lock bag and kept in the change locker in the cleanroom change area. The user should write their name on the bag
  • The suits will be removed every Friday and cleaned. Users will be issued with a new suit and hood each week. 
  • Casual users must put their suits and hoods in the laundry box situated in the change room if they are not required for the rest of the week.
  • Only 1 person can be changing at a time in the cleanroom gowning area. Once a person is on the cleanroom side of the step over, then a 2nd person can enter and get changed. The same applied for exiting the clean room, only 1 person de-gowning at a time.
  • When de-gowning the last item to be removed is gloves.
  • Users MUST wash their hands before touching the exit doors and leaving the lab, as per existing requirements.

It is essential that all users adhere to the existing protocol of washing their hands before leaving the lab.

Gloves must NOT be worn to open the entry and exit doors as per current protocols. 

Facility Access and Training

  1. The latest social distancing rules have made training impractical, therefore the ANFF-Q are unable to offer face-to-face training. Training can be provided online wherever possible and effective.
  2. If you believe gaining access to ANFF-Q is essential at this time, you can request a “pay for service” option whereby ANFF-Q staff will carry out essential processing. There will unfortunately be an additional cost associated with this mode of ‘assisted access’. Pricing details can be found on the ANFF-Q website:
  3. The facility will be sectioned and all instrument bookings will require staff approval to ensure compliance with the 1 person per 4m2  social distancing rule. For details, please see the ANFF-Q Access Restrictions page.
  4. Bookings for the facility sections will be co-ordinated by ANFF-Q staff.
  5. Design consultations will be conducted online via phone or video link.  Design updates will be carried out by ANFF-Q staff and the updated design sent to the client for review.

For those who are fully trained on instruments, it is possible to book and use tools during this period.

If you need to access an instrument, please contact the relevant Professional Officer. You can find a full list of our instruments and the relevant contact Professional Officer on our website:

We thank all of our clients for their patience and compliance during this challenging time.

If you have any concerns or further questions please don’t hesitate to contact ANFF-Q Management or Staff.


Anthony Christian

ANFF-Q Facility Manager