Changes to ANFF-Q cleanroom spin coating facilities

ANFF-Q is continuing to improve processes and introduce new technologies in the ANFF-Q cleanroom located within the AIBN. The next stage in our cleanroom upgrades is the launch of our new Sawatec auto-dispense spin coating system and the decommissioning of the TARDIS spin coater. As we make these changes, you will need to contact one of our … Read more “Changes to ANFF-Q cleanroom spin coating facilities”

The next generation advanced AFM is here at ANFF-Q!

We are excited to introduce our new Bruker Dimension XR AFM. This AFM is equipped with advanced features to obtain nano-mechanical and nano-electrical characteristics of various samples in conjunction with surface topography information. It can also be used to analyse large samples and can accommodate up to 8-inch wafer samples on its large sample stage. The ScanAsyst™ and PeakForce™ functionalities are ideal for new … Read more “The next generation advanced AFM is here at ANFF-Q!”

ANFF-Q Summer Seminar Series

Starting in October, ANFF-Q is hosting a series of free webinars to showcase our new state-of-the-art imaging and characterisation equipment. Please join us and learn about all the cool features and new additions to our facility — many of which are already installed and ready for you to use! The series will involve a one hour-long webinar … Read more “ANFF-Q Summer Seminar Series”

ANFF-Q Student Award – Summer Semester Applications Open!

Applications are now open for the 2020/2021 Summer Semester round of the ANFF-Q Student Award. Submission deadline is 5:00pm on 7 December, 2020. The ANFF-Q Student Award will cover the costs of the Award recipient’s ANFF-Q access and consumables, enabling them to perform a short-term research project. This Award was created in recognition of the importance of university … Read more “ANFF-Q Student Award – Summer Semester Applications Open!”

ANFF-Q client WearOptimo announces partnership with Aspen Medical

The new strategic partnership between WearOptimo and Canberra-based Aspen Medical will take Australian-designed microwearable sensors to the world market. These microwearable sensors, developed by Brisbane-based company WearOptimo, are capable of giving the wearer an instant read-out of body water or hydration level by tapping into the wealth of information found just below the skin. Read … Read more “ANFF-Q client WearOptimo announces partnership with Aspen Medical”

ANFF-Q Student Award winners announced!

Congratulations to our first ANFF-Q Student Award recipients: Zachary Degnan, William Lutz and Shaun McAnally. These worthy award recipients will receive: 20 hours of ANFF-Q instrument access, training and support from ANFF-Q staff; up to $500 worth of consumables; and the opportunity to present their research outcomes to an audience including academics and industry representatives. Learn … Read more “ANFF-Q Student Award winners announced!”

Enabled by ANFF — weekly webinar series

Starting in October, ANFF is hosting six free webinars to celebrate the exciting science being conducted with the assistance of the network. We hope that you’ll join us to hear about the exciting developments that ANFF has been enabling. If you would like to register for the webinar series, please do so by clicking this link. This will … Read more “Enabled by ANFF — weekly webinar series”

ANFF-Q clients have developed a cheaper, faster and ultrasensitive biosensor for point-of-care testing

PhD candidate Mostafa Masud and research supervisors Professor Yusuke Yamauchi and Dr MD Shahriar Hossain have developed biosensors that use nanoengineered porous gold which more effectively detect early signs of disease, improving patient outcomes. The method used to create these highly-engineered porous films has been published in the prestigious science journal Nature Protocols following 15 years of … Read more “ANFF-Q clients have developed a cheaper, faster and ultrasensitive biosensor for point-of-care testing”