ANFF-Q Clients developing skin-deep sensing to predict COVID patient’s needs

A new sensor from QLD-based company, WearOptimo, could provide medical professionals with a tool to forecast which COVID-19 patients are on the path to severe respiratory distress allowing earlier, more appropriate treatment. The company’s device monitors the reaction of the body’s immune system to the disease. It measures levels of a protein called IL-6, an … Read more “ANFF-Q Clients developing skin-deep sensing to predict COVID patient’s needs”

ANFF: Supporting the fight against COVID-19

ANFF is reassigning components of its equipment portfolio of 500+ fabrication tools to prioritise work essential to critical COVID operations. If you are working to fight the COVID-19 crisis, please contact ANFF to see if there’s anything we can do – assistance can be provided. ANFF is a Government-funded IP neutral environment spread across 20 … Read more “ANFF: Supporting the fight against COVID-19”

ANFF-Q COVID-19 response summary

Last updated 6/04/2020 9:00am In response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic we are modifying our standard operations. Please watch this space for the latest information on access, staffing and services. The broader ANFF network is also coordinating a response to COVID-19, see here for more details. General Access — Limited To meet government guidelines for social … Read more “ANFF-Q COVID-19 response summary”

International network of nanotech created by ANFF and CMC

International agreement provides Australian and Canadian researchers with a broader network of fabrication expertise, more opportunities for collaboration, and access to advanced design capabilities. The Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) and CMC Microsystems (CMC) have signed an agreement which promises to increase opportunities for international collaboration, and to provide clients of both networks with easier … Read more “International network of nanotech created by ANFF and CMC”

$4.59m funding to keep Queensland at forefront of innovation

The Australian National Fabrication Facility – Queensland Node (ANFF-Q) has received $4.59 million from the Queensland Government to continue its innovative research and industry projects such as needle-free vaccine delivery. Minister for Science and Environment Leeanne Enoch MP visited UQ’s Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) to announce funding for the ANFF-Q. AIBN Deputy Director and ANFF-Q Director Professor Justin Cooper-White said the Queensland Government investment would … Read more “$4.59m funding to keep Queensland at forefront of innovation”

ANFF-Q clients powering the smart energy era

A collaborative team of ANFF-Q clients has developed an ultrafast and portable solar‐rechargeable battery with high efficiency, which can simultaneously harvest and store solar energy. These solar-rechargeable electric energy storage systems (SEESSs) will provide renewable power sources for smart grids, electric vehicles, portable electronics and the internet of things (IoTs).

ANFF-Q clients develop “dual-key-and-lock” probe for early cancer detection

An international collaboration between Dalian University of Technology, China, Stanford University, USA, and The University of Queensland, Australia, has led to the development of a “dual-key-and-lock” ruthenium(II) complex probe for early cancer diagnosis and monitoring of cancer treatments. Biomedical investigations have shown that excessive formaldehyde generation is possibly a critical factor for tissue cancerisation, cancer … Read more “ANFF-Q clients develop “dual-key-and-lock” probe for early cancer detection”

ANFF-Q clients are improving electrical contacts for high power devices using silicon carbide

The wide band-gap semiconductor silicon carbide (SiC) has shown attractive properties in devices operating at high temperature and high power. Researchers from RMIT, La Trobe and Griffith Universities are working with ANFF-Q to develop metal/semiconductor contacts with lower contact resistance that withstand higher power levels and use less energy. In particular, the team have systematically … Read more “ANFF-Q clients are improving electrical contacts for high power devices using silicon carbide”

ANFF welcomes our new CEO

Dr Ian Griffiths has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF), commencing this quarter. The decision was announced by ANFF’s Chairman and Board on 8 July 2019, following an extensive four-month search.