Mr Anthony Christian

Facility Manager


Phone: 07 3346 3460

Mr Anthony Christian completed an apprentice at Philips Semiconductors in Hazel Grove, just south of Manchester, and worked as a Maintenance Engineer and then Maintenance management and finally process improvement and project management of capital purchases, specialising in Dry Etch, Deposition and metrology.

After Philips, Anthony managed a company that made environmental chambers. Under his management Reltech turned from loss to profit in the space of 7 months, using his project and people management skills.

Anthony joined the Queensland Micro-technology Facility and ANFF-Q at Griffith University in 2007 as their Senior Operations Engineer. After 10 years with ANFF-Q, Anthony moved to the School of Engineering and Built Environment at the Griffith University Gold Coast campus. There he was the Senior Technical Officer in charge of the tech teams across two departments and two campuses.

In March 2019, Anthony returned to ANFF as the Queensland Manager. He is really looking forward to the next few years; the fantastic investment from NCRIS for the ANFF will make it an exciting 4 years of growth and development.