Dr Farrukh Mateen

Senior Professional Officer

Email: f.mateen@uq.edu.au

Phone: 07 3346 3429

Dr Farrukh Mateen has over 7 years of experience working on micro- and nano-scale devices for multidisciplinary applications. At ANFF-Q he provides support to clients for soft-lithography and microfluidic device, design and fabrication along with pertinent trainings on instruments.

For his doctoral work at Boston University (USA), Farrukh worked in the inter-disciplinary field of micro-nano bio-systems. He also holds a US patent for a micro-gripper device capable of single proximate placement of living cells and other physiological investigations, which he designed during his Master’s degree at Purdue University (USA). Farrukh, has extensive experience in the development of piezoelectric micro-mechanical resonators for wireless powering applications and in the design and fabrication of silicon nano-wire biosensors for nano/pico-gram sensing of bio-antigens.

In the course of his career Farrukh has worked at various clean-rooms across the USA. He is also the author of several publications in the area of MEMS/NEMS devices and has considerable experience in mechanical design and multi-physics simulations.