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Phenethylammonium bismuth halides: from single crystals to bulky-organic cation promoted thin-film deposition for potential optoelectronic applications

Journal: JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A     Year: 2019     Issue: 36     Pages: 20733-20741
Authors: Ghasemi, M (Ghasemi, Mehri); Lyu, MQ (Lyu, Miaoqiang); Roknuzzaman, M (Roknuzzaman, Md); Yun, JH (Yun, Jung-Ho); Hao, MM (Hao, Mengmeng); He, DX (He, Dongxu); Bai, Y (Bai, Yang); Chen, P (Chen, Peng); Bernhardt, PV (Bernhardt, Paul V.); Ostrikov, K (Ostrikov, Kostya (Ken)); Wang, LZ (Wang, Lianzhou)