Policies and forms

It is important that our users are familiar with ANFF-Q’s policies. A range of ANFF-Q policies and forms can be downloaded from the list below. If you require any additional information please contact us.

Intellectual Property

By agreeing to access the ANFF-Q you represent and warrant that you own the intellectual property comprised in the material provided to ANFF-Q or you have the right and authority to grant a licence to use the intellectual property comprised in the material provided to ANFF-Q, and that the use of the intellectual property in the material by ANFF-Q in the provision of the services to you will not infringe the intellectual property rights or other rights of any third party, or cause, result in or be likely to cause or result in a breach of any laws, regulatory approvals, regulatory authorisations, licences and approvals you hold in respect of the material provided to ANFF-Q

Conditions of Use for ANFF Equipment and Facilities

These conditions apply to the following personnel:

  • Staff, students and visitors within UQ
  • Clients external to UQ


Staff, students and external clients will not be provided with access to equipment or facilities until they have undergone specific training in their use by the Professional Officer responsible for the Facility. Users will be trained only in the use of equipment they require, and will not be permitted to use other equipment within the Facility unless they have undertaken the specific training.

Records of training will be maintained by the responsible officer and users will be supervised in running the equipment until the responsible officer agrees that they are competent to use it alone.

Training will be charged per user requiring access to the equipment. Assisted rates will not be charged for training.


Users must follow all safety directions given by the responsible officer and comply with the requirements for that particular facility (e.g. PC2 training – evidence to be supplied to the responsible officer) including laboratory dress code and use of appropriate PPE. Users will be required to sign off that they have read and understood the risk assessment for the equipment and must provide a risk assessment for any additional hazardous substances to be used while operating the equipment or carrying out the analysis i.e. chemicals not included in the risk assessment for the equipment. This applies on a continuing basis i.e. if the hazardous substances used during the period of authorization change, the onus is on the user to provide additional risk assessments(s) to the responsible officer. For non-SCMB or -AIBN personnel, the responsible officer, in consultation with SCMB/AIBN Occupational Health & Safety Coordinator, will determine whether attendance at the SCMB/AIBN safety induction is necessary. This will depend on the level of use and timing (e.g. after hours use).

Unauthorised Use

Use of the facility, including key and swipe card access, will only be approved by the responsible officer once all necessary training and safety requirements are completed. Use of equipment without approval or failure to comply with the safety requirements will result in the user having their access denied for a determined period of time.

Responsibility for Damage

In the case of UQ staff, students and visitors, any costs to replace or repair damaged equipment resulting from negligence or failure to follow training guidelines will be charged to the staff member or the supervisor of the student, staff member or visitor causing the damage. In the case of organisations external to UQ the external client will bear the cost of repairs.

UQ Code of Conduct and Appropriate Behaviour

The University of Queensland requires staff, students and all visitors to abide with the UQ Code of Conduct. While using the ANFF-Q facility users are required to follow these guidelines.

ANFF-Q acknowledgement policy

The ANFF access and pricing policy requires that all academic publications arising from the use of ANFF facilities acknowledge ANFF. Please include acknowledgements in the following format.


“This work used the Queensland node of the NCRIS-enabled Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF).”


The ANFF logo should be included on the acknowledgements slide of a presentation. Presentations of work that has been primarily carried out at ANFF facilities may also use the ANFF PowerPoint template.

The ANFF logo and the ANFF PowerPoint template can be downloaded from the ANFF website.

$200 Account Credit for ANFF-Q The University of Queensland Hub Clients:

ANFF-Q UQ Hub users and clients can claim a $200 account credit for each peer-reviewed journal article where ANFF-Q is acknowledged.

To claim your $200 account credit please forward a PDF copy of the paper and its reference details, and the name of the ANFF-Q UQ Supervisor account where the credit is to be applied to anff@uq.edu.au.

The deadline to provide 2022 published publications to ANFF-Q is 5pm 15/02/2023.

(Account credit claims apply from the date they supplied to ANFF-Q.)
(Acknowledgement variants acceptable for credit : ANFF-Q; Australian National Fabrication Facility – Queensland Node; Australian National Fabrication Facility – The University of Queensland; Australian National Fabrication Facility – Griffith Node.)


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ANFF access and pricing policy

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